Resurrecting Rafael: Fictional Incarnations of a Dominican Dictator

Alvarez and Mario Vargas together has stripped down the Dominican corruption and its corrosive control over the people. In one story we have contact with Trujillo directly as an in the other story we have what the trickle down affect from his actions. “In the time of the butterflies”we can see Trujillo make is presence strongly as he has dialogue and interacts with the characters. In “the farming of Bones” we can see how the world around trujillo has affected society without actually having trujillo interacting with the characters. As different focuses in the stories reveal the genocide, murders, rebellion, and the fall of Trujillo, we can gather the different sides of information to create inour own minds a better understanding and image of what life was like under such totalitarian rule. Compared to Hitler and Stalin, the idea killing off those who are not “pure” in the eyes of trujillo, and creating a new society a stronger soceity of evil, the rise of tyranny can be achieved. With hope from heros like the Mirabal sisters, “the sisters of legend,” it gives those who rebel a fighting chance to remember the ideas and visions of those who fought and died for right of liberty¬†alive. While we see the dark areas of history, we also see the light that comes from it by the acts of couragess men and women. These stories are show the horrors of dictators and war, they also show how good can prevail by using a ray of hope and the will to act against what is all to be evil.

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