It seems that Avatar disrupts the flow of our current readings and movies we have watched when considering how much technology is becoming a part of humans. The interesting aspect about Avatar is how humans use advanced technology to transport their souls into another creation. Now one may argue that this is an interpretation of post humanism however when we look closer at involves in the characters such as Jake sully, we begin to realize that through the superior capabilities of technology, it is the great desire to grow closer to nature. Jake Sully falls in love with not only Naterey but the forest. So as we view Jaks as a post human who is fullfilling a need to get away from human form, we must not undermine what he is leaving behind. It is because of humans that decectrated Earth, the reason they have come to this new richley inhabitited planet is to consume more resources and energies to keep human living alive. However we see through the Naivie tribe that the resources and species exisit through the balance of life. This includes giving energy back after borrowing it to live. Viewers may see Avatar as humans advancing technology to become other species, as they may me true, it is the desire to go back to the primitive state at which humans once were and coexist with nature rather then conquer it. Jake represents the mediator between the humans and indigenious species. The transition he makes into the avatar represents the search for human idenity and it is through the Naivi that we find ourselves looking back at nature and realizing how we missed out of what life has to offer.

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