Brother, Im Dying

The reader is presented right away with a a tragedy of medical illness. As Danitcat flies to New York from haiti with her father, the plot introduces its first conflict. As one person is ill another person is carrying life. As information is concealed from other chacarters the exploration of life in Haiti is not much all different then Alvarez’s description. Churches caught on fire, genocide everywhere and yet hope remains in the survival of those who seek it. A family that is closely nitted, much comfort is lost when we go back through Danticats fathers upbringing. The delay of the airplane suspends her time waiting and while waiting she decides to tell her friend about her pregnancy as well as her fathers illness. The friends humor of bad news causes her to responde that “we’re all dying.” which triggers Danicat memory of her uncle who once said “maybe we’re all dying, one breath at a time.” The constant struggle for a live of happiness is shaded by the negativety around the family. Not only are the struggles outside of homes but also within them making hope seem distant and unreachable.

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