The Thirteenth Floor

A world ontop of a world ontop of a world. USing other peoples identities in different times messes with peoples existances. The edge of the world, simulated people, all interaqcting with one another not knowing that thier world is watched and made up by other people. Completely ridiculous, other then the thought which is mind blowing, it really just has people wondering what else is out there, is this life real, questions to which no one while living will know. Baes on the idea that reality as we know it may not actually be reality, for me is something I certainly would not look further into. Creating such fantacy’s are very imaginitive and defintetly think outside the box, but having people create simulations to experience something that is not real is really serves no purpose. It is a false stimulation of the mind and tricks your mind. Once Hall realized thathis life was not real, it seemed to me that he did not really care much about anything, other then mrs. fuller. He lost his will to value things he once valued. However I would not think in any way that this movie may byany chance serve as to what may come and introduce an idea that may be possible. Thinking about what the movie presents would not change my view on life or even have me think in a different persepective. For the movie itself is to entertain and being that the simulation in the movie was meant to entertain to some degree, desire to feed a hunger of stimulating yourself is selfish and problematic given the degree of which you mean to fufill it. New innovation happen are created everyday but thinking about technology and how humans will survive on it in the future is unpredictable and unforseeable, one can imagine but that about it.

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