An Immigrant Artis at Work

Critical race theory is the overlapping discourses of race, power and law in the United States. When a person come to America froma ntoher country, his or her immgrant status is a reflection of race and depending on their race, the outcome may be better or for worse. Power comes from ones rights as an immigrant and how limited it may become once in a new envirment where others may not resepct your race. The  laws of America could help or discourage immigrants in their process settling into a new country. It can liberate them or it can cage them. The role that a practitioner of critical theory plays is his or her stories that are created to shed light on these controversial or undeniable struggles. The writer,Pulitano, shares and illustrates how “Stroies, parables, chronicals and narratives are powerful means for destroying mindset—the bundle of presuppositions, received wisdoms, and shared understandings against a background of which legal and political discourse takes place.” It is further suggested that stories created by critical race theory writers may even save lives. Danticats writings about social and political oppression are monuments to life as they show resitance and means to find ways to survive. Hope is but a ray yet it stains the minds of those seeking refuge and a new way.  This is a meaningful approach to addressing struggling issues because these stories though are fictious underscore a real world of horror. It is real and within these stories that may not actually be historic, these situations however are. Looking back at ones past and understanding ones cultural identity when immigranting to The United States is an image that those from Domincian Republic do not have. A past that is always changing and being destroyed and rebuilt holds no monumental significance to them only that they may have survived it. If searching for a home is the Dominicans only option, then America may be the only shot of opportuniy. How can America offer a home to an immigrant and at the sametime manage to help the homes that already exist for those native? It seems that revolution in haiti only inspires new Tyrants rather then new solutions. Critical Race theory hones in on ones desperate situation and how no options lead to circumstances of death or pain. The writer creates life thorugh imagined characters and faves harship with belief in hope.


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