On The Beach

The end to all mankind, Peter, Dwight, Moria, Mary, all just waiting to die. It was a very warm descriptive story up untill the end. Missions to look for survivors in radio contaminated areas. One of the best moments in the story was when Ralphie jumped ship and took off swimming toward the coast where his home town was. They found him on the submarines returning fishing in a small boat happier then ever. The captain did not mind and it was interesting to observe how the author made people to act when they knew the world was coming to an end. Many people went back to school to study , others kept on working. When people knew that they were going to die in a matter of months, it was interesting to see that people did not start to go crazy and savage like. They went on with their normal days even goign away on trips, fishing, racing. I guess it is the best thing to do, just approach each day the same with not worries. People had future plans that they really knew would never happen but made them anyway. The captain continued taking orders and giving orders even all the way to the end when he gave a dishonorable discharge for sailors being late and also no allowing alcohol on board. He also did not permit Moria to come on board while they went to sink the ship. Very disturbing end to teh story watching all the characters kill themselves off differently and calmly. Sick thing to think about but then again maybe its not. The whole world wiped out from nuclear bombs that we, humans made and used. We killed ourselves, the message of the story. Perhaps a prediction? It also showed how people who werent even involved in the war was affected. Two countries fought to the point of exstinction of the entire world.

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