The road

The end of all things. A very depressing movie the son and the father seek refuge while traveling to the coast. The remaining humans became cannibals and allowed themselves to become savages as they raped and murdered people for food. The world became grey, everything grey, ash snowed down to the ground as fires lashed out at any standing bare tree, the ocean was silver and the sky was dark with only shreaks of lightening. The fire that the father spoke of was the inner fire of the soul to never give up and never quit, one of the major themes of the story. The black man at the end took all their belongings and when caught, the father began to fill his mind with the same disease that the other savage group of men had, he took everything from the man living him stipped of all things. It was the son that saw the good in things which is what the father says leads to the end of all things. As long as you are feelign bad and thinking the bad, then you know you are live. But the son showed us that with faith and kindness that only with a ray of hope can things look up. The father never was able to see the good that arrived from all actions they made. Though he left his son with the most important virtues to live by, be good, keep the fire and never quit. When the son met the man at the end, it showed that keeping the path, the road, no matter what, can lead to something that was worth the hardship. As for the world, it was assumingly the humans that turned it to ash however it shows that when we start over, humans are the ones who rebuild what they destroyed.

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