white noise

Believing everything you hear on television and on the radio is ridiculous. Somehow, it is true that people who religiously listen to radio or watch televison feel that whatever they say is real. That puttingĀ  atitiel on soemthing or naming something makes a siuation better. Jack feels that he should not be in harm becuase college professors do not go through such tragedy. The question raised i guess is should anyone be free from anything because of a title siuation or class. Communications and the media seem to also be manupulated by how many followers they get from their news story. So is it possible that the story is not a true reflection of the real. Also perception of what peopel see ontop of teh fact that they must report it may change parts of the story. When it comes to media and reporting, just like reading people must read between the lines and form their own ideas based on the usual incomplete information given to them. People need to use their own ideas to fill in the blanks as to what tehy hear. The media is not a authority, as well as a authority that knows everything. As for jack and what he sees as real and not, well he as been lsot in his own white cloud and cannot see clearly. He must make his own decsions for himself rather then have the media make it for him.

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