oh oh oh Ishiguro

Growing clones to feed humans with their organs. Its an amazing wonder that when we set out to do soemthing such as cloning for example, that feelings change in the process. To be more concie we have the idea that these clones, Tommy, Kathy and Ruth are soley and purposefuly created to keep other humans alive, by doing so the clones are organ donors. Yet feelings get in the way of the inital purpose and we find that feelings such as love can change everything. Clones falling in love with one another I suppose is an example of nature intertwined with science. The question raised do clones have souls? bring up I suppose does anything living contain a soul? The expression of art, who judges art to say what it represents and whats its value? Obviously in this case its the Hailsham but art has a beauty in it that may be different for every person. Just like the clones are seen and viewed differently by other around them. Love, art, science, creation, all seem create a unexpected variable that then alters everything. The clones even have names. If they are grown to give and die, should there be an acceptance because of their now new grown feelings and beliefs?

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