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Introduced by Lilith waking up not knwoing where she is what time in date it is or what is going on adds to the sci-fi of the novel. Not to mention Jdahya the alien with moving tenacles and no nose and grey body that transforms into a more looking human body. However as the story progesses It is interesting to see how science and imagination meet together. The ship though scene as a great innovation to science is an living thing. It is intelectual as well as having natural characteristics. The studying of humans from the Oankali show how human nature was the driving force of destruction. Lilith’s role is very interesting as she is the mediator of humans and the Oankali. SHe is between both worlds as she learns more about her own kind as well as another unearthly species. The attempt to restore earth from what the humans have done to it really set a presence of what humans are all about. Not protecting and repecting nature and earth and caring only about survivial from what seems to be other humans. The Oankali are presented as healers or restorers of life and serve to keep the balance of life stable. Lilith impregnated by a Oankali we see how two different species work together to help one another keep peace amongst earth and otherworldy beings. Training the humans to live with the aliens as well as training the Oankali of what the humans have more to offer then destruction is the foudnation of the novel. The oankali love life so much that they prevent humans from further destroying what they have already killed off which brings into mind the idea of freedom. The quest for freedom as the humans no longer have say in how to live on earth the Oankali control the humans on earth to restore the balnace of life. Though teh Oankalo are know as traders, they trade learning for other learning as we see through Lilith. Cross breading will teach both species new adaptations that both will gain from. The rebirth of people we begin to learn is no longer in our own human hands but in the tenacles of the Oankali


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Living a life under a dictator is always going to cause problems to the individual in society. Trujillo’s rise to power is also a major problem for many reasons. One being that his rise to power proves that government does not support the society and that the functions of a centralized governemnt does not exsist. His violent acts and betrayal toward goverment members that lead him to become president demonstrate a cyclical movement of rotating one tyrant for another. Political oppression once again serves a cold dish to civilians in society as they are limited and caged from liberty. The characters in the novel live in the shadows of fear and are forced into life threatening situations. Alvarez introduces a world of limitations and through Dede, we see how hope and courage are the only thing one can do to hold onto thier own dreams of one day living in a free world.

Alvarez also seems to have quite a different style of writing. He uses Dede as a first person narrative to speak about her semi fictional experience through her struggle of revolution. We see the many levels that are created by Alvarez for we have a American writer writing about an American writer who is interviewing a first hand character. This ultimatley attempts to hide the fact that the story is some what fictional. The many different levels of narraration prove to create a complex writing structure that leaves the reader wondering what is fictional and what is not. Compared to Diaz who we see as having a more masculine writing technique that is more concise, we never truly leave the characters while they tell their story.  The history of the characters are mentioned but are never further discussed, this allows Diaz to have more control over the characters while Alvarez allows the characters to have more freedom in discussing what they please.

Both writers are clever in introducing and presenting both novels. They share a common theme of cultural depression along with what it means to rise from struggle and violence. The point of view in which the two novels are told through also alludes to how close the writers get involved with the characters as we can take a step back and reflect and ponder to ourselves and question what we believe to be or not to be true.

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It is no suprise that oscar in the Sixth chapter still has not found his way. At this point it is clear that he is not trying to better himself in anyway whatsoever. I do understand that is hardship is very difficult but unforuntely he in order for him to become happy he must work hard. Some work loads are harder then other and that is just the way life is. However, if nothing is changing for you in life then you must do something yourself to make change. Oscar already invisions himself living with him mother and playing video games for the rest of his life. He puts guns to his head, he has “meltdowns” but he is not taking action and creating a change for himself. So with that attitude he will never be happy

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Despite the fact that Oscar is so young, his experience with girls and friends is ridiculous. Caos is the theme amongst this way of living. It certianly introduces a new perspective on how other cultures or societies operate. There really in not much of a childhood which makes me to believe that growing up leads to high crime and careless living. It seems that this initial itroduction to Oscar and his situation in society create great opportunity for various ways that this novel can go.  I also find it crazy that girls at such a young age feed into the desire of sex and reckless living. Forming such sexual relationships early is promoting the idea that and social order in this society is going right over everyones head. Breaking away from this battered life we begin to see that because of Oscar’s circumstance of unfortunate experience amongst his peers, his escape becomes readings, writing and television. However it does create an opportunity for him to look at the way his society  is and perhaps seek a different outlet or way of living.

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